Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I'm back, baby

Funny story: Internet, phone, and BlackBerry communications in our area were cut off yesterday afternoon because someone cut a wire in Amherst (were, as Andy says, everyone is named Konkol). Funnier story: our IT guy's email explaining the outage referred to our area as "the Iola metropolitan area." Any of you who have been to the Iola metropolitan area - and you're fogiven ifyou blinked and missed it - would agree there is most definitely nothing metropolitan about this area. But we appreciate the words.

Lots of things to cover that I wasn't able to, so this will be snappy.

-Responding to Will's post: I thought Dayne had been traded to the Texans last year, but according to Wikipedia, he was cut and Houston claimed him off waivers. Since Wikipedia is never wrong, my bad. Good assessment of his career, and the other guys'.

-Can't believe the UW-OSU game is on the Big Ten Network. The other early games Saturday are Purdue-Penn State, Northwestern-Iowa, and Ball State-Indiana. Is one of those games on ESPN? UW-OSU is the game of the day, followed by Michigan-MSU. Sorry to those of you that don't have the BTN, can't believe something hasn't been done about this yet. Schwalbach's rant is 100% correct.

-I really liked Georgia's celebration against Florida, and believe it was a big reason why they won that game. The aerial shot was really cool. That's what makes the college game better than the NFL.

-Didn't see the Trinity play, will have to YouTube it tonight. Ours was against Evans House, right?

-I did not see Sura had been cut. In truth, I've really lost track of him in the last few years, which is probably healthy. As long as I'm playing fantasy sports on Yahoo, though, I'll always be reminded of him - my horrible login "suraboyz" will likely be my handle forever.

-Is the World Series over? Does this mean Dane Cook can go away now? Seriously, a couple years ago they were a feel-good story, breaking the curse and beating the Yankees. Now they're just the slightly more tolerable big money East Coast team that buys a championship. I will grant that Boston's farm system has generated some key players like Pedroia, Ellsbury, Papelbon, Lester, Youkilis, and they got Big Papi off the scrap heap. Theo Epstein's a sharp dude, he's my idol.

-Anyone else catch the end of the Packers game last night? Don't want to get too far ahead of myself, but this is shaping up to be a fun season.


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