Sunday, March 16, 2008

Big Ten champs, one more time!

Man, winning never gets old. Today's win was not an aesthetic masterpiece, but a methodical, workmanlike effort resulting in a W that we've seen from this team before.

Great start to the second half, exactly what we needed. Put them away early and never gave them a glimmer of hope. Game thoughts now, more after the selection show, if we can find it on the radio heading north on 65.

-J-Bo didn't play much in the first half, and his fresh legs in the second half let him shoot a couple nice dagger jumpers. Flowers was relatively fresh as well. Jarmusz's minutes in the first half let that happen.

-Gutsy effort by Pop, who wasn't moving all that well but made some tough shots. He, Jason and Mike are all dinged up, hoping we get a Friday game for that extra day of rest.

-Butch wasn't pretty, but got the numbers we need from him.

-Landry and Flowers were all-tournament, along with McCamey, Pruitt and Neitzel. I would have chosen Krabby as one of our guys, probably instead of Flowers.

-Illinois gave it a game effort but had nothing left. Pruitt, whose game is predicated on strength and not legs, was their only threat.

Very gratifying to see one of these titles in person, and I can't wait to see the year 2008 twice in the rafters next season.

Since Bo got here we've been the class of the Big Ten, and this is just more evidence ... pinch me.

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