Sunday, March 23, 2008

Davidson slays Goliath

Be honest - when you saw Georgetown going down against Davidson today, you were happy. Because even as well as Davidson played this weekend, you would still rather try to stop Stephen Curry's silky-smooth jumper than score against Roy Hibbert and friends. I felt that way.

Then Jana and I took Will to see Horton Hears a Who this afternoon. Good flick. Even if you're not a Seussian scholar - I figure my experiences with Will have me halfway toward a bachelor's degree, should get the required amount of credits by the time #2 hits kindergarten - you've probably heard of the title character's catchphrase: "A person's a person no matter how small." From what I've read, pro-lifers have used this line to argue for their position. I'm going to get even more detached from reality and apply it to a 3 seed playing a 10 seed in the Sweet 16.

An opponent's an opponent, no matter how small. Sure, Davidson hadn't beaten anyone of note this season before Friday. But they've played a lot of top-tier programs - North Carolina, Duke, N.C. State, UCLA - and held their own each time. Their point guard, Jason Richards, averages more than eight assists per game - that's a helluva lot for a college player. They've got some kids who can play defense, and they're not Fullerton small, either.

Curry has been unquestionably the best player in the tournament so far. Haven't seen him play yet? Put it this way: if you thought the shots Akognon was hitting for Fullerton on Thursday were crazy, check out this guy. He averages more than 25 points per game, and makes 4.5 3-pointers per. Flowers is going to have his hands full, to say the least.

I was confident that, the way we're playing right now, we were going to be a handful for Georgetown to beat, and still feel that's more important than what our opponent is bringing. Even so, any relief I felt about playing Davidson was wiped away by an animated elephant voiced by Jim Carrey.


ajs said...

I'm hoping the open air stadium backdrop in Ford Field causes Curry headaches with his jumper.

Flowers will need all the help he can get chasing him around.

Would you rather have a hot Neitzel or Curry?

scott.tappa said...

I have the utmost respect for Neitzel's game, and have only seen Curry play twice now, but I'd rather face Neitzel. For one, Curry's a couple inches taller. Two, he seems to need to really have his feet set in a certain position to get his shot off, while Curry, who also has great form, can get his shot off with his feet in a variety of positions. Again, seeing him for the equivalent of one game or less, but those are my thoughts this morning.