Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Your feel-good Badgers

One of the nice things about making the Sweet 16 is the extra week of media attention, both local and national. The Badgers have been getting a lot of pub this week, and several people have emailed interesting stories from around the Web.

-This is my favorite, referenced by Brian Lucas's daily newsletter (the season is just about done, but I would highly recommend subscribing to this, Brian does a great job aggregating Badger-related stories from around the web, not just from Wisconsin media outlets). It's an anecdote about Bo Ryan's last Platteville team, and shows that while fans of other teams like to lampoon him, he's the real deal, a cool guy who's in it for the love of the game. Glad he's on our side.

-You know what else I love about Bo? He lets his assistants do a lot of interviews, both on-air and in print. Howard Moore, Greg Gard, and Gary Close carry a high profile in this program, which isn't always the case.

-Justin Perras sent me a Washington Post story about Michael Flowers and Max Bass with some more details than we've seen in other profiles on the subject. Like Justin said, a nice profile from a media outlet with no connection to the team. Try reading any story about Max and Michael without getting a little bit misty-eyed.

-Here's one more to consider, a Sporting News column anointing UW the top football-basketball combo school. From a UW alum, no less. And Florida and Ohio State don't make his top eight, but Kansas and Oregon do. Hmmm ...

-And check out the comments from yesterday's post, some very good insight into the Badgers' chances going forward and what it means in the context of recent history.


Frank said...

Sure most everyone has seen it by now since ESPN is talking about it, but Davidson is paying for any student that wants to go to attend tomorrow night's game -- transportation, board and ticket. I can't lie, that's pretty cool.

And I agree with you Tappa -- this Wisconsin team hasn't truly played its best ball, offensively anyway. I just really hope they win this one, then whatever happens in the Elite 8 (other than a loss to Villanova, which would be miserable, or a 90-point loss to Kansas) I can live with.

Scott Tappa said...

A 90-point loss to Kansas, isn't that what happened to Marquette during their magical Final Four aberration of 2003?