Friday, March 14, 2008

Wisconsin-Michigan thoughts

When we come to the Big Ten Tournament, our minimum hope is that we see the Badgers win at least once. Mission accomplished, but it wasn't pretty.

The best thing I can say about this game is that we didn't waste our best effort on Michigan.

A very survive-and-advance game.The view from section 209, row 7, seat 11 at Conseco Fieldhouse:

-Krabby was great today, with 12 points and holding Sims to 6. He came up with some nice boards and was a calming influence on offense.

-Flowers was even better. Great defense on Harris - he didn't let him catch the ball where he wanted, and when Manny did drive, our bigs helped well.Mike should have been defensive player of the year.

-Other than that ... J-Bo's behind the back pass for Landry's monster dunk was arguably our most explosive play of the year, should be one of today's top 10.

-Stiemsma probably played a career high in minutes, Butch a season low. Brian needs to play better to beat a good team, and I'm confident he will.

-They shot an unfathomable 20 percent from the field. That was half us, half them.

-Very poorly officiated game both ways. They missed at least two goaltending calls on Stiemsma. There was a stretch where every call made was bad. Rough year for officiating in college hoops. The technical on Bo was an absolute joke, he was made at Butch's shot selection.

MSU or OSU up next. Thinking I'd rather play the Buckeyes.

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