Saturday, March 15, 2008

Yeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh! UW-MSU thoughts

One of the all-time great Badger sporting events I've been to! Down 10 with Pop headed off (he was standing in the huddle, hope that ankle's not too bad) - right where we wanted to be.

So many heroes again:

-Huge game for Butch, he did what he had to do. He and Marcus basically fouled out four guys legitimately.

-J-Bo, missed free throws notwithstanding, played great defense at the end on Lucas, who had been abusing him late.

-Another great all around game for Krabby. He's been our best player in Indy.

-Landry overcame a bad start to hit some big shots late.

-Flowers stopped Neitzel late, then had the winning steal and layup. Our struggles with him on the bench in foul trouble show why he's probably our most valuable player.

Will type more later when I get to a computer, but wow!!! Everyone's buzzing here in section 209.

Our fourth BTT title game appearance in five years ...

A request: for those who saw the game, how bad did Pop's injury look? They didn't show replays here. Please leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

Nice notes on the game...In the replay Pop seemed to just come up lame. No contact no, twisting or turning. Strange. I'm hopeful we will see him again this year.

Hammer said...

I think Hughes jumped around Bohannon in transition. Whether there was contact or not, Hughes came down funny. The Journal Sentinel reports that Hughes will be a game-time decision tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I saw something on the floor that he may have stepped on. It was on the floor next to TH and one of the trainers picked it up and put it in his pocket. I did not tape the game so I could not replay it.