Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fullerton it is

Not upset with the draw. Omaha is driveble for our fans. A 3 seed is about right. USC or Kansas State, Mayo or Beasley in the second round. Georgetown in round three if we're fortunate enough to advance.

My thumbs are bleeding, I'm done for the weekend. What a great time of year!


Will said...

I texted you the same message, but I think UW got screwed out of a 2 seed. There is no way that Texas should have earned one. The Badgers beat Texas on the road, have fewer loses and all of the Badgers defeats were to teams that made the NCAA tournament (not the case with Texas). Texas didn't win its conference outright or its conference tournament.

I can see the argument UW vs. Duke simply because the Badgers looked terrible in that game....but can't understand the argument with Texas.

There are some interesting matchups in Omaha, though. We're going to see some decent games, hopefully, in Birmingham on Friday/Sunday.

Badger Tracker said...

Not getting a 2 seed doesn't bother me, having to look at USC or Kansas State in the second round does. Georgetown isn't a horrible draw, nor is Kansas. And geographically, UW is closer to Detroit than any other high seed until you get down to #9 Kent State.

Still, I'm not loving our chances of making it to the second weekend as much as I'd hope. That Saturday game is going to be big-time.

Will said...

And I agree with you, but that's why I would have liked to see the Badgers as a 2-seed - perhaps that potential second-round match-up would have be more favorable.

I'm not livid about the snub, but I did notice that a decent number of "experts" had UW as a No. 2. Just felt the Badgers should have been rewarded for winning the regular season and tournament crown. Has there ever been a Big Ten school that has won both and not been a No. 1 or No. 2?

ruffian96 said...

good question. Scott?

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