Monday, March 17, 2008

Final Big Ten Tournament thoughts

Wrapping up Indianapolis now that I'm back, dried out, and about to be rested up.

-Badger fever had our office buzzing today. In my first three hours at work today, I spent one hour in meetings, 30 minutes checking email, and one hour, 30 minutes talking about the tournament with five different people. They all wanted to talk about the comeback against Michigan State.

-My favorite plays of the championship game were Landry's block on Randle's breakaway; Jarmusz's 3-pointer - way to pull the trigger young fella!; and J-Bo's two dribble-pull-up-drain-the-J's with a guy in his face. The continuation of all three would help a sustained tournament run.

-After hearing the song 25 times in two days (slightly less than during one football game), Minnesota's Rouser isn't a bad fight song, really - it's just the stupid spelling exercise they do when the music stops that makes it intolerable. It's good music, stop when it's done.

-Maybe Demetri McCamey isn't the next coming of Baron Davis - maybe Indiana just plays the worst perimeter defense in Big Ten history. Both of the really good games I've seen him play were against the Hoosiers.

-My Big Ten predictions for 2008-09: 1. Purdue, 2. Michigan State, 3. Wisconsin, 4. Ohio State, 5. Minnesota, 6. Indiana, 7. Illinois, 8. Michigan, 9. Iowa, 10. Penn State, 11, Northwestern. Did I do one of these a week or so ago? Too lazy to check. Feels like I did, but didn't have Illinois quite as high.

-Agree with Will that not getting a 2 seed while Texas does is disappointing, but like Bo says, it's about matchups.

-Good headline on a Lucas story: "Cal State Fullerton? In Omaha? Thank God this isn't baseball."

-Time for a couple days of basketball detox.

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