Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wisconsin-Kansas State halftime thoughts

Is it me, or does it seem like we're playing too well to be up only six at halftime? If you would have told me we'd hit seven 3-pointers in the first half, I'd have guessed we'd be up 15. Then again, if you would have told me we'd give up 25 to Beasley and Walker, let them offensive rebound at will, and be defenseless in the paint, I'd have guessed we'd be down 15.

-Box the f!*@ out! Yeah, they're athletic and aggressive, but we're one of the best rebounding teams in the country - play like it!

-Defensive thought: if Beasley is setting a ball screen, don't even hedge, have our guard go under the pick and maintain the matchup on beasley.

-Didn't know Beasley's ankle was hurt, he sure ain't playing like it.

-Great first halves for Pop, Flowers and Stiemsma.

-Those 3-pointers we're hitting are good, open looks. If K-State overcompensates, our post-up and dribble drive games should open up.

-Landry is the only guy with a shot at guarding Beasley - Krabby's too small, Butch and Stiemsma are too slow. Likewise, Krabby is the only one who can guard Walker - Flowers is too small. Can't let this little foul trouble grow any further early in the second half.

-This team just isn't built to deliver a knockout blow to a good team in the first half. We're up 12 bringing the ball up the court, lazily throw the ball away, and a couple minutes later they're right back in it. Given how quickly Beasley and Walker can fill it up, we need to be up about 10 for me to feel comfortable.

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