Sunday, March 16, 2008

Thanks Dad

Before we pack up and leave the hotel, wanted to write a few words of thanks to my dad for taking Andy, Nick and me on our annual Big Ten Tournament trip, which is always a wonderful time. And to my wonderful mom for doing much of the organizational legwork, and for helping take care of Will and Jana while I'm off indulging my basketball jones (they deserve some credit too!).

For years Dad took us on summer baseball trips to places like Detroit, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Boston and New York. But a couple years ago he suggested mixing things up and coming to the Big Ten Tournament. Good suggestion - this coincided with the Badgers' recent run of success. Now we talk about when we'll be able to bring Will and his future brother to this event (consensus: when he's eight), and that's fun speculation.

Last night at dinner after our Saturday night toast to the guy who makes the trip possible, Dad said "You're welcome - this is one of the most fun things I do all year." The feeling is mutual.

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