Friday, March 28, 2008

UW-Davidson halftime thoughts

Lazy, lazy, lazy.

Everything about that first half was lazy. Yet we find ourselves tied with a team that I think is playing pretty well.

-Four turnovers in the first four minutes, and not one of them on an aggressive play. Inexcusable.

-Allowed two transitions baskets off our made baskets, first two I've seen in the Ryan Era.

-There is little room for error guarding Curry and Richards. On Curry's second made 3, Stiemsma didn't hedge, Flowers got enveloped in a good screen, and Curry was wide open. On Richards' first 3, Hughes went deep under a screen and had no chance to contest.

-We're taking too many 3-pointers, often too early in the shot clock. Obviously I'm happy with the way we're shooting them, but never count on that to continue throughout the course of an entire game. They're doubling the post when our bigs get touches down there - kick it out before it gets there and you have penetration opportunities.

-Curry is guarding Krabbenhoft - post him up!

-Don't know if Pop can come back or not, but if he can't, it will impact Flowers' defense - he can't afford fouls.


Corby said...

Flowers is doing a pretty darn good job shadowing Curry. The shots he has had he has gotten off very quickly...what a terrific shooter. Hopefully they can contain him in the second half so he does not go off.

I agree Scott, WAY TOO MANY 3 pointers being taken by the Badgers.

After the first 5 minutes or so I thought this was going to be a pretty boring game, but both teams came alive and the second half promises to be a great one. I am sick of hearing about Davidson, but give them credit, they show no signs of being afraid on the big stage.

Burch said...

As T and Corby indicated, way too many 3s. Get the ball inside more to Landry/Butch. While Butch is certainly capable of shooting the 3well, we need his presence inside the paint not at the top of the key. Easy baskets can be had -- no need to settle for 3s.

Eliminate stupid miscues, keep shadowing Curry, and Davidson's shooting % will fall... Felt better toward the end of the first half.

ruffian96 said...

It's the second half and the Badgers are down 12 and still playing extremely sloppy. 11 turnovers now. UW is in serious trouble.

Anonymous said...

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