Saturday, March 29, 2008

Death, or life, of the spread?

Two interesting takes on one of my pet peeves: the spread offense.

1. Terrelle Pryor has committed to Ohio State. Bad news for the rest of the Big Ten, this guy is incredible. He chose the Buckeyes to get himself ready for the NFL. Hmmm ... who again was the last great OSU quarterback in the NFL? Craig Krenzel?

The thing is, he chose Ohio State over Michigan, and Matt Hayes of the Sporting News says it's because Rich Rodriguez runs the spread, which isn't the way to become the next Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. Great short story, you should read it.

Pryor's commitment a sad day for spread

So why is it that ...

2. Bret Bielema is implementing some spread into the UW offense? According to a Journal Sentinel report, Bielema likes what Allan Evridge and Curt Phillips can do in the spread, and the Badgers would have run some spread last year if Marcus Coleman could shotgun snap. (Really? He couldn't?)

This has the feeling of arriving a party about two hours after the good-looking girls departed and the kegs are spitting out foam.

The only silver lining I see from this is that it should give our defense some more exposure against a scheme with which we've traditionally struggled.

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