Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wisconsin-Fullerton halftime thoughts

So much for blowing this team out and going to be early. By playing the first four minutes and last four minutes with our heads up our butts, we've given this glorified band of SERF all-stars a shot at pulling a ridiculous upset here.

-What's with all the turnovers? Their defense isn't that good.

-I don't like this Akognon kid, I think it's because he wanted to get away from Tony Bennett. Flowers seemed completely unprepared for him at the outset.

-What's with all these freaking fadeaways? You're taller than them! If it's not there, pass it back out and work for an easy shot, which will invariably come.

-This Cutley guy is like Penn State's Cornley, only fatter and not as good.

-When did Hughes pick up his second foul? Was it when CBS granted us a sneak peak at West Virginia's timeout huddle?

-They shouldn't get any offensive rebounds on us. Box out!

If I were watching this game next to Andy he'd say "Stop being so negative, dude!" But watching that Belmont-Duke game, while exciting and ultimately disappointing, gives you the heebie-jeebies as the big favorite, and I don't want this special season to end tonight.

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